Mr. Tsetse

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Made from organic cotton and with a heart as big as a house, he is the perfect doll for beginners, the one which is certainly adopted. He's super soft , delicious to nibble on, they're sure to love him at first sight.

Like the famous tsetse fly, Monsieur Tsé-Tsé helps babies fall asleep… but luckily, he doesn’t bite!

Side effects include crazy bouts of love accompanied by drooling, and the end of the world if ever lost.

This plush toy is suitable for babies, from birth.


25 cm

100% certified organic fair trade cotton (knitted in Canada), stuffed with polyester fibre. Embroidered eyes, mouth and heart.

Monsieur Tsé-Tsé lives in an adorable cardboard house decorated by Isabelle Arsenault (printed in Quebec) and he comes with a personal health record.


Designed to be loved, shared, and manhandled, Raplaplas are washable and repairable to last a long time.