Quelle Histoire!

Dishcloth / Unemployed Pudding


Dishcloth that wipes! Screen printing, the type of ink chosen ensures that the image is integrated into the fibers of the fabric, which thus retains its absorbent qualities. What a story! are therefore incredibly absorbent and resistant, in addition to retaining their beautiful color.

The Unemployed Pudding: It was probably born out of the aftermath of the economic crash of 1929, since there is no mention of it before the 1930s. According to legend, it was the creation of Georgianna Falardeau, wife of Camillien Houde, then mayor of Montreal. However, no document or testimony supports this thesis. If we know it today as a white cake cooked with a caramel sauce, several recipes coexist until 1960. They sometimes contain cocoa, sometimes coconut or raisins. The sauce is sometimes absent or served on the side. This dessert has even been defined as a bread pudding!... - Complete history and recipe of Pouding Chômeur to discover on your linen!

Artist/graphic designer: Marc Tellier



43 x 75 cm

100% cotton 240 thread count


The household linen collection What a Story! aims to share the fascinating history of Quebec's heritage breeds and seeds and that of our culinary emblems.

Part of the income from the sale of linens is donated to Slow Food Montreal. This organization, a member of the international group of the same name, is dedicated to the advancement of good, clean and fair food. The money raised will be donated to the Ark of Taste Fund, created to support the preservation and promotion of Quebec heritage breeds and seeds.