Volcanoes /


At rest or in action, volcanoes are fascinating to watch. Everyone is different: small, tall, sharp, wide, underwater, extraterrestrial… The magma coming from the depths of the Earth comes out of it calmly or in a spectacular explosion. This collection explores the captivating and diverse world of volcanoes.


This package contains 10 small cards:

- Ruapehu: a crater lake
- Fuji: an almost perfect volcano
- Pinatubo: dangerous ashes
- Mount Erebus: a volcano in Antarctica
- Loihi: a subterranean volcano marin
- Mauna Loa: largest active volcano on Earth
- Ojos del Salado: highest active volcano on Earth
- Prometheus: a lunar volcano on Jupiter
- Yellowstone: calderas on the volcano
- Kilauea: lava tunnels

Texts: Hélène Gaonac'h
Illustrations: Simon Roussin
Partners: The University of Quebec in Montreal (www.mdc.uqam.ca) and the Ministry of Economy, Science and Quebec Innovation


Each sheet is 6.3 cm x 8.9 cm (2.5 in x 3.5 in) and the complete package is 0.4 cm thick ( 0.25 in)


Microfiches are educational and fun sheets, written by renowned researchers and illustrated by talented artists!//