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From an early age, with two little feet in the ground, I thrived in contact with nature. As I grew older, elated by the hustle and bustle of cities, I let synthetic light replace that of the sun. Now standing, my feet anchored in Percé in the Gaspé, I am determined to take root again.

It is here, in the forest, by the sea, where inspiration emanates from the smallest of grains of sand to the largest rock faces, from the tiniest of dewdrops to the vastness of the sea, that I set up my workshop. A creative laboratory in which I experiment and conceptualize ideas, reflections of the emotions that this grandiose nature arouses in me.

My approach is to travel the coastline and the mountains collecting samples of wild flowers and algae. As the seasons pass, I try to perceive the uniqueness of the species by focusing on budding, flowering, but also wilting, drying out or atrophies caused by different unfavorable conditions. I thus seek to capture what brings to light the essence of the natural and the beauty of the imperfect.

In the workshop, I capture each subject from several angles using scanners that I modified to achieve my ends. I subject them to various experiments such as soaking in salt water, drying or even depigmentation. These processes, which can sometimes last more than a year, are used to alter the character of plants and to understand the evolution of their appearance. I then give back to nature what she lent me by resting it in the forest or at sea.

Over the past few years, I have developed a vast digital repertoire of more than 3,500 flowers and algae that serve as a basis for designing immersive works, where I invite the viewer into a universe aimed at "marveling to educate ".

Sharing my fascination with the magnification of details allows us to perceive, contemplate and deepen our relationship with biodiversity. Thus, my interpretations agree with the words of Jean Dorst, in Before nature dies, affirming that "Wild nature must not only be preserved because it is the best safeguard of humanity, but because she is beautiful. ”

My works, made from my scans to which are added my interventions, are the result of an academic journey in drawing, painting, photography and design. Thus, proceeding by progressive layers, I redraw the light and entirely draw certain parts of the works. By handling the chiaroscuro, I let the colors infuse emotions and express themselves in a photo realistic set alongside a Carravagian darkness. My laborious work is the culmination of great meticulousness where the rigor of details and a deep sensitivity are required.



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