Raoul & Simone

Sea Forest No.1 – Cove’s Twins



Gorgeous archival pigment print on high quality mat paper carefully prepared in our workshops.
Frame not included.


Les Jumelles de l’Anse (Sea Forest No.1 - Cove’s Twins)
is the first forest of the Raoul & Simone «Forêts d’Algues» Collection. This oeuvre is composed from marine flora picked on the North Cove of Percé.


The « Sea Forest » collection
Like an accent, each tide leaves on the shores of the Gaspé Peninsula distinct forests of splendors whose renewal is shaped by the moods of the sea, the winds and the seasons. Thus, seems to be transposed a language nuanced by a multitude of textures and colors. Each «Sea Forest» is a pictorial poetry giving voice to stranded beauties as it translate's the particular contrast to each shore.