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Notebook / Nocturne

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Set of three beautiful notebooks displaying 3 works inspired from the St. Lawrence River flora.

ALGAE FOREST No.1 - Les Jumelles de l'Anse
"Les Jumelles de l'Anse" is composed of seaweed collected on the Anse-du-Nord in Percé, in Gaspésie.

ALGAE FOREST No.5- La Couronne du St-Laurent
« Couronne du St-Laurent »is a work composed of a variety of algae collected along the St. Lawrence River between Percé and Anse-au-Griffon.

Fucus Vesiculosus - LIT.TO.RA.LIS
Like an accent, each tide deposits on the shores splendors whose renewal is shaped by the moods of the sea, the winds and the seasons. Thus, seems to transpose a language nuanced by a multitude of textures and colors. Each of the works in the series LIT.TO.RA.LIS, offers a pictorial poetry that gives voice to the stranded beauties.


Raoul & Simone are concerned about the environment, so all our notebooks are made from high quality FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, chlorine free and produced by renewable energy. The covers are laminated with a recyclable velvet finish that increases their longevity.
All our products are created and printed in Canada.


5,5" x 8" (14 x 20 cm)
128 blank pages